God Sees

God is the God Who Sees (El Roi). He sees everything. He sees the innocent blood that is spilled at abortion clinics, blood that cries out to Him for justice. He sees when we turn a blind eye, a complacent excuse. Where are we, the representatives of Christ? Join ‪#‎40DaysforLife‬ today. Fast and pray for the lives of the babies, for the souls of the parents and clinic workers. What is giving up some time so that a life may be spared? We cannot stand by in silence, we are accountable for what we do…and for what we don’t. Sign up for a vigil near your town: https://40daysforlife.com


#40DaysForLife Anchorage, AK | Photo: https://40daysforlife.com/2015/02/19/anchorage-alaska/

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