Big, Broad Shoulders

My shoulders are not big enough, my back is not strong enough, but God’s are. God’s shoulders are big enough to carry my every burden, His back strong enough to bear my weight. He bore it on the cross, He bore the weight of the whole world for all time upon those bloody, torn up shoulders of grace…and He calls me…

“Come follow me my beautiful daughter, follow me, come closer! Yes, that’s right! Keep up! Let me carry that for you, my little one, My shoulders are big, my back is so strong. We have places to go and that weight needs to be lifted, up, up, off your shoulders my beloved child, there we go! See? Nothing is too big for me. Run, frolick, let it go and BE FREE. Let us delight together my precious daughter…my joy is so full when You are free, I paid the highest price for that you know. Come take advantage of my big, broad shoulders, cast all of your burdens-every single one upon me and be free! I love you my dear one, I love you so, I do.” ❤️

Run to God today. He calls you by name, He has a space for you and all of your burdens up on His big, big shoulders. ❤️

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