Study Support

The purpose and motivation for studying God’s word should be, ultimately about seeking Him. To see Him, to hear Him, to love Him and to know Him – all for His glory. When coupled with prayer and faith God’s word seemingly transforms from a dry, boring book that is hard to understand to a powerful, dynamic and relevant means of communication. God’s Holy Spirit opens your eyes to see His truth – which is to see Him more accurately. When His word is hidden in your heart and mind through studying, meditation and memorization it literally transforms you because you are studying, meditating on and memorizing God – who He is. God’s word is living, and He promises to us that it will never pass way, it is a catalyst for His spirit to move within you, and is the path that leads you closer to God himself. Is it any wonder that you hear Christians speak of their love for God’s word or hear of those who are willingly martyred for not denouncing it? They have tasted the living water of His Spirit and it is God’s word who nourishes them each day as they grow closer to Him.

All of this is true, yet it is very helpful to learn how to study God’s word correctly. You don’t have to go too far before seeing and hearing false teachings which twist God’s truth into a lie. We are all capable of being deceived so it is important to know who to discern between what God is saying and what your human mind and heart is saying. This is a learning process that takes time and practice. It is with utmost humbleness and carefulness that God’s word must be handled. One of the most important ways to properly glean truth from God’s word is by learning how to study God’s word in context,  below are some links that you may find useful as you learn to and practice studying His word or in other words as you seek Him – the true treasure.

Lord, Teach Me to Study the Bible in 28 Days by Kay Arthur

Verses on Prayer
Lists of verses by category (private prayer, corporate prayer, public prayer, intercession etc.)

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